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What To Know About Your First Visit with Trio

We know that first impressions matter, and so do long-lasting relationships. We work hard at both to give you the best possible experience as we address your orthodontic needs.

Thank you for choosing us! Here is what you can expect:

Request Your Initial Consultation

Your First Appointment

Your initial appointment is the start of a journey that will end with a great smile. This is the appointment where your personalized treatment experience begins. Before we meet for the first time, our doctors need to know a little about your health and dental history. This helps us develop the best possible treatment plan for your individual situation. When you arrive at your first appointment, you will be provided a copy of the Health History form. Please note, the form could take up to 15 minutes complete. We recommend you arrive early to your scheduled appointment to account for this.

After you’ve completed your Health History form in the reception area, one of our friendly Records Coordinators will escort you (or your child) to the records room of the clinic within which they will then take the patient’s initial records. This will include regular photos of the mouth and jaw, and may include an X-ray, as well. These allow the orthodontist to get a clear and close up view of the teeth, jaw, and bones to aid in their orthodontic treatment recommendations. From there, you will then meet with an experienced and trained Treatment Coordinator who will assist the doctor in reviewing your health and dental histories, as well as discuss any questions you may have. Our orthodontist will then do a thorough exam on the patient and present their professional opinion for treatment.

Seeking more information about what to expect from your first visit? Contact us today and we will answer your questions directly!


Your Smile Says A Lot About You…

Which is why we take your smile (and not ourselves) so seriously! Contact us today for your initial consultation.