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Our History

Trio is a collaborative effort that allows our three founders – Dr. Dale Anne Featheringham, Dr. Kent Underwood and Dr. Jared Zwick – to leverage more than 40 years of combined experience in Columbus and the greater Ohio area to the benefit of our patients.

The idea for Trio began when our doctors recognized that they share the same vision, values, and desire for more time with their patients. Our seasoned and dedicated team members allow Trio to run more efficiently and effectively to make our practice stronger and the patient experience even better.

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Trio is Rooted in Three Aspects of Running a Great Practice:


1. Exceptional Care

Delivering the highest quality custom care to every patient, every time

2. Unparalleled Service

Developing patient relationships and providing an experience that is second to none

3. Charitable Giving

Creating smiles by giving back to the communities we live and serve in – we call it #TrioGives

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It’s Personal, NOT Business

The driving motivator behind Trio is the opportunity to collaborate on the “business” side of running an orthodontic practice. By doing so, we get to spend less time running a business and more time doing what we love: caring for our patients.

Patient-Focused, Positive Experiences

As our founding doctors put it, “Trio builds something beyond our individual names. We’re focusing on giving more to our patients and their experience because we know this is personal. It’s a privilege to participate in positive transformations with every patient we treat, and Trio allows us to better honor that privilege.”

Your Smile Says A Lot About You…

Which is why we take your smile (and not ourselves) so seriously! Contact us today for your initial consultation.